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About Puri

Puri is a famous city located in the state of Odisha, India. The city that is far-famed for the pious Shri Jagannath Temple embraces the most sacred environs and is the love of every pilgrim. Moreover, the city is adorned in the most magnificent manner with provoking beaches, shrines and other places of attraction. The city is also known as Jagannath Puri after famous Jagannath Temple which is located in the city. Furthermore, the city is also famous for its Rath Yatra.

The city is a famous city as part of the Char-Dham Yatra and is a pious destination for Hindu pilgrims. The city has numerous names in Puranas like Srikshetra, Neelāchala, Purusottama Dhāma, Purusottama Puri and Jagannath Puri.

Shree Jagannath Puri Temple

Constructed in the 12th century, Shree Jagannath temple worships the idol image of Lord Jagannath, lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra. The three deities are highly revered by the people of the entire state that makes the temple a must visit among travelers.

Puri Beach

Puri Beach is one of the famed resorts of Puri, which is flocked with travelers as well as locals at all times of the year. From finest beach resorts, food joints to festivals and sand art, you will find it all at Puri Beach.

Narendra Tank

Erected in the 15th century, Narendra Tank is nestled at Mauza Dandimala Sahi. This tank is host to the famed Chandana Yatra associated with the Rath Yatra festival.

Gundicha Temple

Gundicha Temple is one of the famous temples of Puri. The temple is believed to be the home of Lord Jagannath’s aunt, where the main deities of the Jagannath temple stay for a total of seven days during their annually visit as part of the Rath-Yatra.

Markandesvara Temple

Markandesvara Temple is located near Bindu Sagar, and was built in honor of Lord Shiva in the 13th century. The temple is visited by numerous devotees and travelers who pay their homage to the Lord and seek blessings.