All you needed to know about Baby Boomer

The baby boom is the name that was given to a generation that was born after the World War II. A total of 76 million people were born into this time, the largest statistics ever to have recorded. This number represented 40% of the united nation’s population at that time.

But why is this name very powerful and common to date? Let’s us find out.

History of baby boomer

When the World War II ended, thousands and thousands of babies were born between 1946 and 1966. This mass birth was later given the name baby boom. Some theories tried to explain the result of this influx of births that was a major history in the United States. Some explained that it was as a result of returning to normalcy and men had a good time with their family which was difficult during the war. Due to the return to this normalcy, many people found it fit to have children and start a good family life. Other theories argued that it was deliberate attempt to fight communism. By giving births they would outnumber the communist and define it.

Effects of baby boomer

Baby boomer became a very influential generation of Americans that brought about changes in the U.S economy. They brought significant impact on the economy as the demand for goods and services increases. This impact resulted in the introduction of more and more manufacturing companies to cater for the growing demand. They worked very hard and even started working at a tender age.

People start taking parts in building the economy of the entire United States which started to grow. Some joined security as soldiers, health as nurses, education as teachers and many other sectors. The baby boomers and their parents represented one-third of United States population until the millennial generation came in to place. This generation was the most active and successful one. It is said that were it not for the baby boomer, the United States could not be as powerful as it is today.

The retirement of the baby boomer

Today the population of baby boomer is still significant in the United States. The living baby boomers today are between ages of 52 and 72 years. The generation of baby boomer was very active and successful people in the history of the United States. The likes of Bills Gate, Oprah Winfrey and other big names in the US today are from this generation. The time is really running and the energy they had is reducing by day. Retirement is inevitable; many of baby boomer generation is now retiring from main activities but they will never be far from the limelight as they are active forever.

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The baby boomer generation is different from any other generation in the history of Americans. They are very active even in their old age. The legacy of the baby boomer will continue even as they fade away. They seem to have very active retirement than their predecessors. They are likely to influence the millennial generation to achieve higher. The likes of Mark Zuckerberg are on the rise to continue with the spirit of the baby boomers.