How Social Isolation Can Affect The Health Of Seniors

How Social Isolation Can Affect The Health Of Seniors

Socialization is a very important component of senior care. However, it is normally overlooked by healthcare givers, seniors themselves, and family members. Surprisingly, there are very many elderly people across the world who can go for even days without even talking to anyone about Medicare Supplement plans 2020 so if you have an aging loved one, you should know how socialization can help them maintain good health. Today, we have looked at some of the negative ways in which isolation can affect the health and life of a senior person.

  1. Loneliness is a risk factor for mental illness

Isolation makes you feel lonely, and loneliness is a risk factor for anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and other mental illnesses. Socialization takes away the feeling of loneliness, and helps you avoid stress. When you socialize with people, you will laugh a lot, and your mind will be engaged. All these will help you optimize your mental health.

  1. Isolation is associated with heavy drinking and drug abuse

Loneliness is bad for your emotional health. In most cases, an older adult may resort to alcohol or drug in an attempt to cover up his or her feelings of loneliness. Seniors who have had a history of addiction are usually more at risk of alcohol or drug abuse if they have no one to speak to or spend time with. Again, if your loved one recently lost someone they dearly loved, then they are at risk of abusing drugs if they spend most of their time alone. If you have an elderly parent, relative or friend, make sure that you create them opportunities to meet people to avoid the feelings of loneliness.

  1. Loneliness is associated with malnourishment

Older adults should eat nutrient-rich meals and drink a lot of fluids to work against the changes which occur with the digestive system. Elderly individuals who live alone are more likely to skip meals or opt for unhealthy options that are simple and quick to prepare. If you let your elderly loved one stay alone without anyone visiting them regularly, behavior and weight changes that indicate that they are malnourished may go unnoticed and may be realized late when they have reached a dangerous state. If you are too busy, or if you are staying in a different town from your old parent, you can employ a professional caregiver to provide them with companionship. You should also make time to go see them regularly and have healthy conversations. Man is a social being, and therefore, socialization is part of a human life. Lack of it will definitely have a toll on anyone’s health.