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In & Around Puri

The sacred city of Puri is home to numerous places of attractions that beguile travelers to its landmass. The city has numerous places of attractions dotted in and out of the pious destination that are visited by numerous travelers. Some of the famous places are accounted below:

Jagannath Puri Temple

Counted among one of the four sanctum places of pilgrimage for travelers, the Jagannath temple is a highlight of Puri. This temple worships Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra in idol form. Rath Yatra is an important festival associated with the temple that is celebrated with great pomp and cheer.


The land of Konark is famous for its architectural masterpiece, the Konark Sun Temple. The temple that was erected by the famous King Narasimha-I of the in the 13th century is magnificent piece of temple architecture. Made in honor of Lord Sun, the temple resembles a chariot often referred to as God Sun’s chariot.

Chilka Lake

This largest coastal lagoon is home to various rare and endangered species of migratory birds that flock this lake during the wintering season. Bird Island, Parikud Island and Malud Island are famous spots of attraction here. In addition to this, Kalijai Temple is also one of the famous pious destinations that can be reached via boat ride through the lake.


The state capital of Odisha, Bhubaneswar is also nicknamed as “Temple City of India”. Some of the famous temples are Parshurameshwar temple, Rajarani Temple, Mukteshwar temples Lingaraj temple. The city is also home to various other sites of attraction such as the handicrafts village.

Udayagir and Khandagiri caves

These caves are a total of are 33 caves built in the 2nd century by King Kharavela. Some of the caves that are famous here are Rani Gumpha, Bagh Gumpha , Ajanta Gumpha and Hathi Gumpha that are also adorned with various paintings and sculptures.