Medicare death benefits, what are they, know it here

Losing a family member cripples the financial situation and especially when the deceased was the breadwinner of the family. The death benefits of Medicare supplement plans pay the deceased a lump sum as he has paid for Medicare taxes for over ten years and has attained 65 years or more.



  • Medicare supplement plans death benefits are applicable to people over 65 years.
  • The death benefits of Medicare do not cover in full the funeral expenses, but of course some costs are covered.
  • Social security and Medicare death benefits are not similar.
  • Visiting the local office of Medicare is mandatory to apply for death benefits of Medicare.
  • The Social Security Administration pays to the surviving children or the spouses the funds on meeting the plans eligibility criteria.

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Difference of a deceased Medicare and Social Security Benefits

People generalize Medicare death and Social Security benefits believing it to be the same, but there are differences.


Retirees having worked for 10 years and more have certainly paid the Social Security taxes earning  their Social Security benefits, while the benefits of the Medicare supplement plans apply to the retirees only having acquired 65 years of age and more.


Social Security Administration handles the two programs functions, it implies anyone enrolled into the benefits of the Social Security receives automatic enrollment into the Medicare supplement plans program on attaining 65 years of age.


Medicare Death Benefits eligibility

The insurance companies determine the children and spouses eligibility for the death benefits of Medicare:


  • The spouse remaining alive should have attained 60 years.
  • Children must be under 18 years
  • A spouse disabled and is over 50 years.
  • A spouse surviving for a disable child of the deceased or the child is under 16 years.
  • Parents over 62 dependants on the support of the deceased.
  • Child with disability before 22 years


Documents Required

The death benefits of Medicare become applicable from the time the application becomes active and not as a worker dies. Thus, it is important to fill the Medicare supplement plans at the earliest.


The application cannot be filled online, and requires a survivor to visit the nearest Medicare office. The survivor should provide the following information to prove their eligibility during the application:


  • A certified death evident- this may be a death certificate from a funeral home.
  • USA citizenship proof or the immigrants lawful alien status
  • Birth proof as the birth certificate
  • Tax returns of previous year or W-2 forms
  • Discharge papers of the U.S. military