Why you should enroll to Part B Medicare plan

What is Medicare part B plan

Part B is also known as Medical insurance. This covers the outpatient cares, necessary services, and preventive services costs. Part B mostly covers the use of durable equipment for home and hospital cares, ambulance lifts costs and clinical tests. You should consult your health provide what treatments are necessary according to Medicare.

Why you should enroll to original Medicare

Medicare is likely to get a lot of new members due to baby boomer retirements. You might be one of them and you’re looking for the right information to help you choose the right plan for your need. The initial enrollment period (IEP) for Medicare is normally seven months which is broken down into three month before your 65th birthday and the next three month after your birthday. Enrollment at this time is free so you should take advantage and enroll.

Some people don’t find it important to enroll for Medicare if they are still under their employer’s cover. I cannot emphasis it further that it is important to enroll when you’re first eligible. Medicare part A is free. But you will have to pay monthly premiums for the Medicare part B, it is optional to enroll in part B. Part A and Part B are called original Medicare plan. They are purely provided for by the government.

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Extra Help Program

This is a special program to help people who are entitled to Medicare but cannot afford monthly premiums due to low income. There are specific conditions you have to fulfill for you to qualify for this program. For you to qualify for extra help program in your state, you have to show a proof of low income. You must be a beneficiary or initially be entitled to part A Medicare. This information can be verified by your states and they have authority to decide whether or not you qualify for this program.


In order to qualify for the other Medicare plans, you should have Original Medicare. You may need to enroll in Medicare Part C, Part D and/ or Medicare supplement Plan later in life. Take time to familiarize yourself with all the Medicare parts to enable you to make a sound decision for your health. Medicare Part A is free to anyone who is a social security pension beneficiary or is a beneficiary of the railroad retirement pension fund. It is high time you enroll for Part B at this age to avoid enrollment penalties that come with late enrollment as soon as you attain age 65.